Raymie Parker for Stoneham Selectman
We are better together.




Between the entire major road and utility projects and the needs of our aging municipal buildings I believe our infrastructure needs attention. We need a new high school and a concerted effort by our residents to see this through. When Mass School Building Authority comes back with their decision, we should have a united approach towards the future of our high school for the betterment of Stoneham’s students.

Community Services

Seniors, Substance Abuse Prevention, Recreation. The services provided by our town are in need of support. The senior center is underfunded in my opinion. We can do better to support the ones who paved the way for us. We have beautiful historical buildings and new schools that need to be maintained. We need to work on maintenance of the buildings we have without putting that burden on department budgets.

Fiscal responsibility

Many of you know one of the reasons I got so deeply involved four years ago was because of the trash contract. A few weeks ago at a Board of Selectmen meeting, there was another very heated discussion surrounding free cash and the trash fee. We need to focus on the big picture and determine our priorities. We have a Recreation department now that is barely getting by. I mention this because this position was funded through mitigation money. Mitigation money should not be used for operational expenditures, but rather issues and updates that may result from the projects that the funding source comes from. Free cash should be looked at as a savings account for the items that may come up in the budget that we just cannot afford, like capital investments, and the unexpected emergency. How can we support the departments without breaking the bank? We need to be creative in how we use any of the revenue sources available to the town but need to make financially sound decisions that can be supported for the long term.