Raymie Parker for Stoneham Selectman
We are better together.


Passion. Experience. Diligence.

About Raymie

“WE Are Better Together”
In my roles on various boards and committees, I can tell you that working collaboratively with other individuals in this town is productive in achieving the mission. WE all want what is best for Stoneham. WE have worked very hard for our youth, seniors, residents, and commercial base in Stoneham. 

My experience with youth programs includes:

  • Stoneham Pop Warner;
  • Stoneham Youth Football and Cheer;
  • Stoneham Youth Softball;
  • Commonwealth Youth Football Conference;
  • Robin Hood PTO (Ways and Means); and
  • Girl Scouts cookie mom.

Beginning in 2003 to present time, these all-volunteer, year-round boards comprised of many different people, have trusted in my service on their Boards of Directors. These boards are made up of residents and parents of over 200-1000 children who participate in town sports. Volunteering on the field(s) with these families were some of the best times, and I made lifelong friends.

Our work in bringing teams together resulted in many championships for our kids. However, what I am most proud of was the comradery that was the foundation on which all things were possible if WE worked together. A few of the highlights that are still near and dear to me include: Spartan Games, Rec Park clean-up, pizza and movie nights (team bonding), ice cream socials, talent shows, parades, Town Day, and the Marathon Bombing tributes among others. None of these things would have been possible without a joint effort by the leaders and families of this community.  

My involvement in Civic and Community Events includes the Strategic Action Plan for Stoneham Square created by the Town with support from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC), the Stoneham Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC), Socks for Seniors, and several one-time events.

I decided to volunteer to serve on the Strategic Action Plan committee to understand the potential for our town – particularly for our town center. Our public participation activities included community workshops and meetings to provide residents and stakeholders the opportunity to develop a collective vision for Stoneham Square. The recommendations made following this six-month effort resulted in many wonderful improvements including a Stoneham Square website, a how to do business guide, and a façade improvement program. Also a product of this committee was the formation of the Stoneham Community Development Corporation (CDC), STAC, and Stoneham Square Advisory Committee. 

I am currently a STAC member. This group in concert with our Town Administrator, Town Planner, BOS members, and State Rep. Michael Day, were successful in extending service to our current and only MBTA bus line – Bus #132. This service extension is an important resource boost for Stoneham's residents who rely on public transportation for work and play. STAC was also the recipient of two awards from the American Planning Association Massachusetts Chapter. One for social advocacy and one for citizen planning. It was quite the honor for our group. STAC also supported the Council on Aging in their successful pursuit of a grant to add a desperately needed van for routine medical care for Stoneham seniors. None of this would have been possible if WE did not work together. 

I have been lucky to be part of great community events that WE have supported. Socks for Seniors has always been a favorite of mine. We have a small group of volunteers who collect, sort, and distribute fun and warm socks to the seniors of Stoneham during the Holiday Season. Every year WE receive more donations, which is a tribute to the care our residents have for our Seniors. The Relay for Life, Sandy Hook vigil, and the Hurricane Sandy donation drive have all been events that touched many people. Together WE made a difference.

Although being in the spotlight is uncomfortable for me, I feel strongly that I can be an effective partner on the BOS. I do not participate or volunteer to seek glory or a pat on the back. I have been involved and am committed to continuing my participation because I care about Stoneham. 

In reading this, I hope you got to know me a bit better and conclude with me that “We Are Better Together”. #wearebettertogether

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