Raymie Parker for Stoneham Selectman
We are better together.
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We are better together.

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Vote for Raymie Parker on April 3

We are better together. 

Advocating for collaboration and change

My passion for this town and desire to find and implement solutions to the challenges we face in Stoneham has compelled me to become a candidate for Selectwoman.

Among my strengths is my ability to motivate people to take action and get involved in our community. I will work tirelessly for the people of this Town, as I have for years in various community-based volunteer initiatives. I will push for effective communication among the various boards, committees, and departments. I will listen to friends, neighbors, and department heads and be your voice to find common ground.



committee to elect raymie parker

Committee to Elect Raymie Parker
11 George Street
Stoneham, MA 02180

(781) 435-1555
Facebook: RaymieforStoneham
Twitter: RaymieforStone